Sidney Bernstein

AZL flag holder TransparentSidney Lewis Bernstein, Baron Bernstein (30 January 1899 – 5 February 1993) was a Jewish media baron known as the founding chairman of the London-based Granada Group and the founder of the Manchester-based Granada Television one of the original four ITA franchisees in 1954. An Orthodox Jew Bernstein travelled to America frequently during the 1930s, where he organised meetings with Jewish Hollywood executives and after war broke out produced and brought anti-German films before the American people during the critical years 1939–1941. As WWII wound to its close, Bernstein continued his anti-German vigour with a visit to Belsen a German labour camp, and was determined to concoct a film showing appalling atrocities reminiscent of the likes of Nazino-the notorious Jewish Bolshevik gulag also known as cannibal island. It has been suggested that the original plan was to complete a feature-length documentary of the camps but Bernstein was scuppered because there was very little material to film. Even when Bernstein’s already edited project was apparently ‘unearthed’ in 1984 all the public see is the same miniscule staged managed clips rerun indicating that no film exists. In 1954, Bernstein won a franchise license to broadcast commercial television to the north of England including key urban areas such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield. Bernstein wanted the north of England as he strongly believed the north of England had a cultural heart that had potential to corrupt. “Granada preferred the North because of its tradition of home-grown culture, and because it offered a chance to start a new creative industry… the North is a closely knit, indigenous, industrial society; a homogeneous cultural group… not found elsewhere in this island, except perhaps in Scotland.” Thus Bernstein’s ‘new creative industry’ introduced abortion, homosexuality, child rape and miscegenation into Britain’s northern cultural heartland.
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