Kurt Eisner

AZL flag holder TransparentKurt Eisner (14 May 1867 – 21 February 1919) was a Jewish journalist and politician who organised the Communist Seizure that overthrew the Wittelsbach monarchy in Bavaria in November 1918. His followers included Rosa Luxemburg and were known as “Eisenachers”. Eisner was born in Berlin to Jewish couple Emanuel Eisner and Hedwig Levenstein. From 1890 to 1895, Eisner was contributing editor of the Frankfurter Zeitung, during which time he wrote an article attacking Kaiser Wilhelm II, and for which he spent nine months in prison. Eisner joined the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany in 1917, at the height of World War I, and was imprisoned in 1918 for his role in inciting a strike of munitions workers. After his release from prison, Eisner organized the communist seizure that overthrew the monarchy in Bavaria. He declared Bavaria to be a free state and republic on 8th November 1918 and had the chutzpah to make himself the first premier. On 12th November 1918, Ludwig III signed a document, the Anif declaration, releasing both civil and military officers from their oaths; Eisner used this as an abdication. On 23rd November 1918, he leaked documents, from the Bavarian plenipotentiary (administration) in Berlin which he manipulated to indicate that the war was caused by “a small horde of mad Prussian military” and “allied” capitalists proving his communist credentials; and at the Berne Conference of Socialists in Switzerland, he attacked moderate German socialists because he could not bully them into taking blame for bringing about World War I. Eisner was killed in Munich on 21st February 1919 a typical false flag engineered by a Jewish agent to usher in the ‘Bavarian Soviet Republic’. However, while this and other Jewish Communist uprisings were quelled by the Freikorps in a typical Jewish dialectical strategy it only allowed for the consolidation of the Jewish Weimar Republic.

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