Jack “Spot” Comer

AZL flag holder TransparentJack “Spot” Comer (12 April 1912 – 12 March 1996) was a notorious Jewish gangster during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Born Jacob Colmore to Jewish immigrants from Łódź, Poland who had moved to Mile End London in 1903, he was the youngest of four children. Comer grew up in Fieldgate Mansions, Whitechapel, along the west side of Myrdle Street, across from Irish Catholics who occupied the terraced houses along the east side. At age seven Comer joined his first gang The Myth of the Battle of Cable Street 1936made up of boys from the Jewish side of Myrdle to antagonise white irish catholic boys from the other end of the street. Comer is responsible for manufacturing the Jewish Communist riot commonly misnamed the ‘Battle of Cable Street’.

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