Nick Griffin

AZL flag holder TransparentA MESSAGE FROM AMERICANicholas John Griffin MEP (born 1 March 1959), better known as Nick Griffin, is a Zionist politician, allegedly homosexual whose father is a 33 degree mason. Currently chairman of Edgar Griffin freemasonthe British National Party after manipulating the position from John Tyndall, in Nick Griffin is Gay1999 Griffin embarked on a strategy to make the party “electable”-Zionistdouble speak’ for distracting members from the core issue. Nick Griffin champions the BNP in its parochial little England flag waving sessions, as it focuses on Islamic miscreants but fails in pointing out who imports them. Meanwhile, Jewish members have hijacked the party and the words ‘Jew’ and ‘Israel’ are subject to the same politically correct criminality as the rest of the Marxist regime.

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