Haym Salomon

AZL flag holder TransparentHaym Salomon (also Solomon; April 7th, 1740 – January 6th, 1785) was a Polish-born Jewish businessman and political financial broker who immigrated to New York from Poland to finance a European brothers war commonly known as the American war of independence. Haym Salomon (anglicized from Chaim Salomon) was born in Leszno (Lissa), Poland in 1740 to a Sephardic Jewish family. In his youth, he studied Hebrew and during his travels in Western Europe, he acquired a deep knowledge of finance and fluency in several other languages, such as German. In September of 1776, Salomon was arrested by the British as a spy. Retained as an interpreter he encouraged German soldiers to desert and helped prisoners to escape. Once in America Salomon converted the French loans into ready cash by selling bills of exchange. In this way he was the prime financier of the colonialist side during the the so called war of independence against their own people. Salomon was also among the prominent Jews involved in the successful effort to have the Pennsylvania Council of Censors remove the religious test oath required for office-holding under the State Constitution.

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