Max Warburg

AZL flag holder TransparentMax Moritz Warburg (5 June 1867 – 26 December 1946) was a Jewish banker and scion of the wealthy Warburg family of bankers. Max Warburg was one of seven children including Paul Warburg the chief architect of the Federal Reserve Board of the United States, born to Moritz Warburg, the director of the family’s Hamburg bank, and his wife Charlotte Oppenheim. At the beginning of 1917 as the USA and Germany remained at war Max Warburg was a board director of Rothschild / Warburg bank in Frankfurt and at the same time boss of the German Secret Service, while his brother Paul Warburg, main author of the Federal Reserve Act was leading head of the FED. At this time Vladimir Lenin was in Switzerland and Leon Trotsky in the USA, the first received ‘official’ help from Germany, the second from American.

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