Karl Wittgenstein

AZL flag holder TransparentKarl Wittgenstein (April 8, 1847– January 20, 1913) was a Jewish industrialist born in Gohlis, now part of Leipzig. Initially the managing director of a steel rolling mill Wittgenstein organised a cartel between his own steel works at Kladno and the Rothschild steel works at Wittkowitz that controlled the iron and steel output of central Europe, and had by the 1890s acquired one of the largest fortunes in the world. Centred on Bohemia in the Czech lands, the Wittgenstein cartel produced over 60% of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s iron and steel and controlled its railroad and tyre industries. Paralleling Rothschild and their insider trading following the battle of Waterloo, accusations that Wittgenstein had acquired his wealth by nefarious means were rife. Wittgenstein strenuously denied these allegations even to the point of making a public declaration that was published in the Arbeiterzeitung a notorious Communist newspaper used by Marx. Nevertheless the allegations were continuous, widespread and the Jewish industrialist sought propaganda support from a Marxist source. Prior to his death Wittgenstein transferred virtually all his liquid capital into American stocks and bonds, principally in the United States Steel Company thus vastly augmenting the prosperity of the nation that would bring about the defeat of Austria and supporting the notion that the Jewish tribe infiltrate a nation to syphon off its wealth and destroy it.
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