Yidish Natsionaler Arbeter Farband

AZL flag holder TransparentThe Yidish Natsionaler Arbeter Farband or Jewish National Workers Alliance was an early Yiddish-speaking Jewish Labour Zionist union in North America. Parallel to the political party Poale Zion Its official organ was the Yidishe Kempfer or Jewish Fighter, edited by Baruch Zuckerman. They had an extensive Yiddish and Hebrew educational system, and during the 1920s seized land in the Bronx, New York to house Jewish immigrants. The Farband even developed and maintained cemeteries for dead Jewish agitators. While mainly based in New York, the Farband was active throughout the United States and Canada, forming local chapters in many cities with significant Jewish communities. In 1931 the Farband Yugnt Clubs, their youth wing, joined with Young Poale Zion to form the Young Poale Zion Alliance as the official youth wing of the entire Labour Zionist movement in America. In 1971, the Farband joined with Poale Zion, the Labour Zionist Organization of America, and the American Habonim Association to form the Labour Zionist Alliance, which in 2004 re-branded and renamed itself as Ameinu.

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