AZL flag holder TransparentBar-Giora was a Jewish militia organization, the precursor of Hashomer, formed on September 28th, 1907 in Palestine. The founding members were Israel Shochat, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Mendel Portugali, Israel Giladi, Alexander Zaid, Yehezkel Hankin, Yehezkel Nissanov and Moshe Givoni. The goal of the organization was seizing land and guarding it from Arab defenders.  As a motto, Bar-Giora chose a line from Yaakov Cohen’s poem, Habiryonim: “In fire and blood did Judea fall; in blood and fire Judea shall rise” demonstrating the Jewish need for aggression. When Hashomer was formed in 1909, Bar-Giora was absorbed into it.

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