Habonim Dror

AZL flag holder TransparentHabonim and Dror merged in 1982 to form Habonim Dror a Jewish Zio-Marxist cultural youth movement which exist to educate and enculturate all Jewish youth as its tribe fractionalizes and destroys Europeans and their culture. One of the main concepts of the movement’s ideology is a Hebrew phrase-‘tikkun olam’-that has the Chutzpah of meaning “mending the world”. The movement organises various kinds of meetings and outdoor activities including scouting, camping, rambling, map reading as well as Jewish version of the history of ‘Eretz Yisrael’ (the land of Israel) or Jewish occupied Palestine. Solely Jewish youth are encouraged to sing songs and dances taken from the period that Jews seized Palestine (1948 onwards) and revel in their ‘culture’ as they degrade European culture and forced white children to race mix (miscegenation).

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