Hashomer Hatzair

AZL flag holder TransparentHashomer Hatzair (translating as The Youth Guard) is an international MarxistZionist Jewish youth movement founded in 1913 in Galicia, Austria-Hungary, and was also the name of the group’s political party in Palestine prior to Jewish seizure in 1948. (see Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party) Hashomer Hatzair came into being as a result of the merger of two groups, Hashomer (“The Guard”) a politically motivated Zionist youth group, and Ze’irei Zion (“The Youth of Zion”) an ideological circle that studied Zionism, Marxism and the Jewish narrative. Initially the political policy of Hashomer Hatzair was the capture of Palestine achieved by mass immigration of Jewish youth to seize living space in the form of ‘kibbutzim’. In fact the first kibbutz called Degania Alef was established in 1909 by Jewish Zionists while Palestine was under Ottoman rule indicating that Hashomer Hatzair policy was Zionist policy. In Romania Communists including Hashomer Hatzair were involved in Jewish subversive political activities leading to the execution of anti-Communist Romanian patriotic leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu in 1938. The leaders of Hashomer Hatzair were later arrested and executed for their activities. By 1939, Hashomer Hatzair had 70,000 members worldwide. After the war the movement had infiltrated European nations throughout the world concealing itself as a scouting movement within the Jewish communities. Hashomer Hatzair achieved its goal in 1948 as mass sympathy incited by the Jewish construct finalised the Jewish land grab of Palestine. Hashomer Hatzair is now the oldest ideological MarxistZionist youth movement still in existence and continues to operate internationally from its base in Jewish occupied Palestine.

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