Shabtai Kalmanovich

AZL flag holder TransparentShabtai Kalmanovich (18 December 1947 – November 2, 2009), alternatively spelled Shabtai Kalmanovic, was typical of the KGB agents sent to Jewish occupied Palestine to work in the organization’s fledgling mirror establishment Mossad. Kalmanovich was born in Kaunas, Jewish Bolshevik controlled Lithuania to a Jewish family in 1947. He studied chemical engineering, and joined the Bolshevik Army soon after his studies. Kalmanovich received reassignment to the Mossad branch in the early 1970’s he and his family ‘immigrated’ to the Jewish terrorist state in 1971. Kalmanovich worked with Mossad for a period of 17 years. However, during the 1980’s it was leaked to the press that the KGB was working for Mossad. Therefore, to conceal the fact that the KGB and Mossad were one in the same it was necessary to ‘sacrifice’ an agent. Kalmanovich was used for this purpose. He was arrested by British police during a 1987 visit to the United Kingdom for having allegedly passing over $2 million in forged cheques to the United States. Extradited to the United States Kalmanovich was immediately released on bail to return to Israel where he was arrested and charged with espionage. Kalmanovich was sentenced to seven years in 1988 but released after five. Officially, his release was due to ‘good behaviour and medical concerns’ however more likely was that Kalmanovich’s prison term had served its purpose in distracting the mass. Kalmanovich was greatly compensated as a businessman both before and after his term of imprisonment after the KGB funded investments for him. Nevertheless, on November 2nd, 2009, Kalmanovich was assassinated in Moscow likely by Mossad disposing of loose ends. Moscow police confirmed that he had been the victim of a professional hit.

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