Palestine Land Development Company

The Palestine Land Development Company or Palestine Land Development Corporation was founded in 1909 by the Zionist Federation as a means to appropriate Palestinian land and install Jewish itinerants there particularly in the decade before the start of World War I. By the outbreak of WWI it had about 50,000 dunam (about 4600 hectares) of land. It was attempting to secure nearly 3 times that amount in the Jezreel Valley, however the outbreak of war prevented that.
The PLDC became a public company in 1953 closely following the seizure of Palestine by Jewish terrorists in 1948 and its continued occupation by their terrorist organisation known as ‘Israel’. Yaakov Nimrodi took control of the company in 1988 with a $26m investment. In 2006 Nimrodi signed an agreement to buy out a 20% minority shareholder which valued the company at $172m.

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