Robert Misrahi

AZL flag holder TransparentRobert Misrahi (born 3rd January 1926) is a Jewish terrorist but only recognised as a ‘philosopher’. Misrahi was born in Paris to Jewish immigrants born in Turkey and studied at the University of Paris (Sorbonne). During this period he became involved with the Zionist terrorist group Lehi. It was conducting terrorist attacks against the British at the time and Misrahi was recruited to carry out an attack on British soil. During a March 1947 visit to London, Misrahi placed a bomb in the Colonial Club, a recreational facility for students and soldiers from British colonies in Africa and the West Indies. The bomb, which detonated on March 7th, 1947, blew out the facility’s doors and windows and seriously injured several soldiers. Misrahi is responsible for many other crimes here in Europe and Palestine and although still living in France his crimes to this day still go unpunished.

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