Jewish Brigade

AZL flag holder TransparentThe Jewish Infantry Brigade Group, more commonly known as the Jewish Brigade Group or Jewish Brigade, was a military formation of the British Army composed of Jews that served in Europe during World War II. Allowing the public to believe that so called ‘Jewish atrocities’ taking place on the continent (propaganda led by Jewish politicians such as Hore-Belisha) had forced their hand on July 3rd, 1944, the British government establishment a Jewish Brigade with hand-picked Jewish senior officers and on the 20thSeptember 1944 an official communique by the War Office announced the formation of the Jewish Brigade Group of the British Army that would ‘fight German troops in Italy’. In reality the Jewish Brigade like its counterparts the Ritchie Boys in the US army were meant to be used for interrogation purposes but became infamous for torture and murder. Hollywood BastardsThis has been depicted in what was believed to be on the whole a fictitious movie Inglorious Bastards. The Zionist flag was officially approved as its standard. It included more than 5,000 Jewish volunteers from British occupied Palestine organized into three infantry battalions of the Palestine Regiment and several supporting units. Post WWII, similar to their American counterparts, the Jewish Brigade joined other Jewish terrorist groups forming assassination squads known as the Nokmim for the purpose of tracking down and murdering former European Soldiers. Also under the guise of British military activity they engaged in the murder of innocent Europeans and smuggled weaponry to the Haganah. The Jewish plan to murder six million EuropeansJewish terror group Nakam’s ideological intention was to murder a mythical number of German civilians in ‘retribution’ for the Jewish historical construct. While this did not come to fruition it did succeed in the torture and gruesome deaths of an untold number of German civilians. In 1961 Abba Kovner, Nakam’s founder, fabricated lies that led to the Jewish occupied Palestine’s murder of Adolf Eichmann, sanctioned by the occupied Jewish Western states.

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