AZL flag holder TransparentJust as the United Nations (UN) is a global Jewish Zionist construct that facilitates international Jewish interests in world events, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) functions as the international Jewish military arm. Signed on the 4th April 1949 the organization constitutes the enslaved military of those governments whose ethnic European leaders have been replaced with Bolshevik traitors or a Jewish 5th column. This typical technique of subterfuge uses British and American troops to ethnically ‘cleans’ the Middle East. Predictable enough the nations of Britain and America are looked upon harshly by those nations bearing the brunt and the true criminals-the Jewish tribe-appear with clean hands. Therefore, not only are the Islamic people imported into Europe with a misplaced grudge but indeed the ethnic European does not want to be displaced from his native home. This is the classic Jewish distraction strategy that enables the tribe to conduct their corrupt and criminal activities behind the scenes.

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