Ritchie Boys

AZL flag holder TransparentThe Ritchie Boys were a US special military intelligence unit in World War II composed of German-speaking Jewish immigrants to the United States. They were primarily utilized for extracting information via torture from German prisoners of war. The Ritchie Boys consisted of approximately 9,000 young Jews born in Germany or Austria who had emigrated to the US and volunteered to join the United States Army. They were trained at the Military Intelligence Training Centre at Camp Ritchie in Maryland (now officially known as Fort Ritchie) in interrogation, investigation and psychological warfare. They were particularly suitable for these tasks because of their ardent hatred for Europeans and they knew the German language. Many of them entered Europe on D-Day, June 6th, 1944 and like its counterpart the Jewish Brigade in the British army were meant to be used for interrogation purposes but became infamous for torture and Hollywood Bastardsmurder and this has been depicted in what was believed to be on the whole a fictitious movie Inglorious Bastards.  The Ritchie Boys remained key figures post war in the extracting of ‘confessions’ from German POW’s during the Nuremburg trials.

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