Gustav Landauer

AZL flag holder TransparentGustav Landauer (7th April 1870 – 2nd May 1919) was a Jewish theorists on anarchism born in Germany. He was an advocate of social anarchism or non-state Marxism. Landauer was the second child of Jewish parents Rosa (Neuberger) and Herman Landauer. In February 1892 Landauer became a member of the Association of Independent Socialists (Verein Unabhängiger Sozialisten). Over the next year Landauer became vocally anarchist coursing huge disruption and in July 1893 the Association of Independent Socialists split up. At the II Socialist International in August 1893 in Zurich, Landauer stood for “anarchist socialism”. In 1919 he was involved in the Communist seizure and occupation of Bavaria known as the ‘Bavarian Soviet Republic’. Landauer was put to death when this uprising was overthrown.

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