Henry Hyndman

AZL flag holder TransparentHenry Mayers Hyndman (7th March 1842–20th November 1921) was a British politician, author and social activist best known as the founder of the Social Democratic Federation and the National Socialist Party. Born in England to a family of Ulster-Scots ancestry after achieving his degree in 1865 he studied law for two years before deciding to become a journalist. In 1866 Hyndman reported on the Italian war with Austria for the Pall Mall Gazette meeting the leaders of the Italian nationalist movement and was generally sympathetic to their cause. Hyndman toured the world in 1869 visiting the United States, Australia and several European countries. A staunch patriot he praised the merits of British imperialism as he continued to write for the Pall Mall Gazette.
Hyndman stood as an Independent for the constituency of St Marylebone in the 1880 General Election. Denounced as a Tory by William Ewart Gladstone, Hyndman got very little support from the electorate and, facing certain defeat, withdrew from the contest. Soon after the election he became attracted to socialism. Hyndman even had close personal contact with Marx and formed this impression “There can be no doubt whatever that his hatred of the system…was not only intellectual and philosophic but bitterly personal.” The Social Democratic Federation which Hyndman founded was the first significant socialist organisation in Britain and he was joined by the likes of William Morris. Hyndman was the editor of the party newspaper named Justice. Marx had no direct influence over Hyndman’s socialism yet in 1884 Jews coursed conflict in the party leading to splits. Hyndman continued to lead the remains of the SDF but in 1911 he set up the British Socialist Party (BSP) when it fused with a number of branches of the Independent Labour Party. However, after a further defeat in the 1916 leadership elections of the British Socialist Party Hyndman and his followers founded the National Socialist Party. Hyndman also supported small farmers, such as the Irish National Land League and a similar group in Great Britain and openly attacked the Jewish Rothschild banking family revealing their criminal hands (which he described as a “Jew clique” and “Semitic moneybags”) in conflicts such as the Anglo-Boer War.


“I am quite content to bear the reproach of chauvinism in regard to what I say about the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples. We have to base the first real socialistic combination upon the common interests and affinities of the great Celto-Teutonic peoples in America, in Australia, in these islands and possibly in Germany.” – Henry Hyndman


“It is high time that those who do not think that Beit, Barnato, Oppenheim, Rothschild and Co. ought to control the destinies of Englishmen at home and of their Empire abroad, should come together and speak their mind.” – Henry Hyndman


The Oppenheims and Bischoffheims, the Rothschilds, the Barings and the Lawson Levys, Baron de Worms and the Right Hon. J. G. Goschen – the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, as some say – Sir George Elliot and Sir Julian Goldsmid, these are the main champions of the Egyptian War. This Semitic array and their bottle holders have made a fine thing of it.” – Henry Hyndman


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