Baruch Zuckerman

AZL flag holder TransparentBaruch Zuckerman (June 26th, 1887 – December 13th, 1970) was a leading Zionist, a leading exponent of Yad Vashem, editor of Yiddishe Kempfer, a leader in the Farband and Histadrut campaigns, and President of the Labour Zionist Organization of America.  Zuckerman was born into a Jewish family in the Hassidic village of Kurenitz, near Vilnius (then in Russia). He was recruited in August 1903 by Zionist leader Theodor Herzl who was campaigning in Vilnius. By 1904 aged 16, Zuckerman had arrived in the USA and was elected a delegate to the founding convention of Poale Zion of America that took place a year later on 1 May 1905. As a key member of the Labour Zionist Movement of America, Zuckerman was both a formulator of policy and one of its major exponents. During WWI he helped to organize the Jewish Legion and was also instrumental in setting up the American Jewish Congress. Zuckerman and his family had permanently infiltrated Palestine by 1932 and in August 1939 both Baruch and Nina Zuckerman were delegates to the 21st Zionist Congress in Geneva. Zuckerman died in Jerusalem on 13th December 1970.

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