Isaiah Leo “Si” Kenen

AZL flag holder TransparentIsaiah Leo “Si” Kenen (1905–1988) a Jewish journalist, Lawyer and the founder of the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs (AZCPA), the forerunner of the modern American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Born in Canada on March 7, 1905 Kenen’s family was active in the Zionist movement and his father, an insurance agent born in Kiev, established the first Bnei Zion club in Toronto and attended the first meetings of the World Zionist Congress. In 1941 Kenen became president of the Cleveland Zionist District. In the 1940s, he served as the information director of the Jewish Agency and following the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, he served on the Israeli delegation to the United Nations. With typical Jewish chutzpah Kenen wrote in his book Israel’s Defense Line: “Our Jewish community faced a challenge in 1942. Numbed and helpless bystanders as Adolf Hitler waged his demoniacal war against the Jewish people, embittered by our failure to rouse the democracies to deter Hitler, to rescue and open doors to those who might be saved, American Jews assumed their responsibility during World War II. Despite the opposition of the Department of State, they made a commitment to establish an independent Jewish state where Jews could live in freedom and security.” In the face of the Holodomor atrocities their tribe were committing against Europeans.

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