Joseph Trumpeldor

AZL flag holder TransparentJoseph Trumpeldor (November 21st, 1880 – March 1st, 1920) was an early Jewish Zionist who helped organize the Zion Mule Corps and import Jews to occupy Palestine. Trumpeldor was born in Pyatigorsk, Russia to Jewish parents. Proudly Jewish Trumpeldor volunteered for the Russian army in 1902 and participated in the siege of Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War. Russia’s defeat in this war was the opening gambit for the first Jewish attempt at her seizure. Like Sidney Reilly (Rosenblume), supposedly working for the British, Trumpeldor was meant to be in Japanese captivity yet he still managed to print Jewish propaganda. He also befriended several prisoners who shared his desire to seize land in Palestine. By 1911 he had gathered a group of young Zionists around him and they emigrated to Palestine, then part of the Ottoman Empire. During WWI Trumpeldor together with Ze’ev Jabotinsky developed the idea of a Jewish military Legion to fight with the British against what then looked like their common enemies. The Zion Mule Corps was formed in 1915 considered to be the first all-Jewish military unit organized in close to two thousand years and the ideological beginning of the Israel Defence Forces. However, it would later merge with the Jewish Legion. Trumpeldor return to Petrograd, Russia in 1918 and established the HeHalutz, a Jewish Zionist organisation preparing Jewish youth for seizing land in Palestine. Trumpeldor died in a fight over land Jews had seized in Palestine in 1920.

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