British Freedom Party

AZL flag holder TransparentThe British Freedom Party (BFP) was a short-lived fraudulent ‘nationalistic’ front setup by the Jewish occupied Government in order to portray ‘disunity’ within the ranks of the British white movement. Registered on the 18th October 2010 by Peter Mullins (2010-2011 party leader), Peter Stafford self-confessed sexual deviant (nominating officer) and Simon Bennett (treasurer) it was deregistered 2 years later in December 2012 after failing to return the annual registration form and £25 fee by the due date of 31 October 2012. Nevertheless, its purpose had been served displaying a false schism for the public and media. During its run it formed a pact with the EDL, whereby members of the latter could stand as election candidates under the British Freedom Party name. In April 2012, it was announced that the EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, would be named deputy party leader concentrating on distracting members with ‘anti-Islamic’ strategies.

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