Boris Johnson

AZL flag holder TransparentJewish Politician Boris JohnsonAlexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (born in America 19 June 1964) is a Jewish politician and member of the Conservative Party, who has been Mayor of London since 2008. Maternal great-grandfather was palaeographer Elias Avery Lowe born in Russia to a Jewish family. Boris Johnson at Israel's Western WallTo deflect from his Jewish heritage Boris has described himself as a “one-man melting pot”—with reference to his great-grandparentage. Boris is at pains to acknowledge his Turkish ancestry through paternal great-grandfather Ali Kemal Bey. However when saying he has Turkish blood does he mean Young Turk perhaps. The Young Turks were Jewish converts to Islam that were said to have committed the Armenian Genocide during and after WWI. Also notably Johnson is related to the Jewish Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron who is most vocal about his Jewish Zionism and Israel First position. Johnson is married to Marina Claire Wheeler who is of mixed Indian Sikh descent.

“Yes, I have Jews in my family from Moscow, some of them rabbis,” – Boris Johnson

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