Chaim Weizmann

AZL flag holder TransparentChaim Azriel Weizmann (27th November 1874 – 9 November 1952) was a Jewish Zionist leader, Jewish politician serving as President of the Zionist Organization and later as the First President of Israel from 1948-1952 who played a crucial role in the Jewish terrorist Abba Kovner’s plan to murder 6 million Europeans. Chaim Weizmann became a chemistry lecturer at the University of Manchester and a leader among Jewish Zionists in Britain. He met Arthur Balfour who was a Conservative MP representing that district, as well as Prime Minister during one of Balfour’s electoral campaigns. Balfour supported the concept of a Jewish homeland and Weizmann is credited with persuading Balfour, then the Foreign Minister, for British support to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. In 1941 Weizmann wrote a pledge to Prime Minister of Britain Winston Churchill assuring that Jewry in America would use their collective power to drag the United States into the war on Britain’s side in exchange for helping to build a Jewish fighting force for the future Zionist conquest of Palestine. Post 1948 Weizmann forced the United States government to recognize the newly formed terrorist organisation called Israel.


“It has been repeatedly acknowledged by British Statesmen that it was the Jews who, in the last war, effectively helped to tip the scales in America in favour of Great Britain. They are keen to do it – and may do it – again” – Chaim Weizmann

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