David & Ed Miliband

AZL flag holder TransparentDavid & Ed MilibandThe Miliband brothers, David Wright Miliband (15 July 1965) and Edward Samuel Miliband (24 December 1969) are sons of Ralph Miliband, a Jewish Marxist academic who came to England with his father illegally on forged papers during World War II, and Marion Kozak, a militant Communist campaigner. The Miliband’s grandfather, Samuel left Poland following WWI, which ended in November 1918 supposedly becoming a leather worker in Belgium. He returned to Poland to join the Red Army under the command of Zionist Lev Davidovich Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) in 1920. Was this a Jewish Zionist emissary being called Ed Miliband showing the world his true coloursin? Curiously Ralph Miliband was buried near to Karl Marx. Openly Zionist Ed Miliband stated he “will The house of Miliband treealways be open to issues that concern the British Jewish community, whether they concern issues of the treatment of Jews in Britain or issues to do with relations with Israel. He intends to lead a British Labour Party that remains a true friend to Israel.”


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