Gerald Kaufman

AZL flag holder TransparentSir Gerald Bernard Kaufman (born 21st June 1930) is a Jewish Labour politician who has been a Member of Parliament (MP) since 1970, first for Manchester Ardwick and then for Manchester Gorton. The youngest of seven children, Kaufman was born in Leeds to Jewish parents Louis and Jane Kaufman born in Poland and arrived prior to WWI. Educated at Leeds Grammar School the University of Oxford (Queen’s College) he was Secretary of the University Labour Club and assistant general secretary of the Fabian Society from (1954–55). Kaufman was a government minister in the 1970s and a member of the Shadow Cabinet in the 1980s. He is the current Father of the House. Kaufman was involved in the 2009 expenses scandal where he was found to have claimed £115,109 in additional costs allowances on his London flat between 2001 and 2008, also submitting a claim for three months’ expenses totalling £14,301.60 in June 2006, which included £8,865 for a 40-inch LCD television and £1,461.83 for a luxury rug imported from New York City (plus £389.91 in customs expenses) violating regulations forbidding claims for luxury furnishings. In typically Jewish fashion he claimed he was the ‘victim’ of self-diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and blamed this for his claims. He also said that his ‘condition’ led him to purchase a pair of Waterford Crystal grapefruit bowls on his parliamentary expenses. Together with the Jewish politician Gregor Gysi in Germany Kaufman is at the forefront of the push to invade Europe with fresh immigrant weapons that will destroy our ancestral land. He is quoted as saying “BRITAIN SHOULD TAKE 10,000 MIGRANTS A DAY, ‘WE’LL DO WHAT GERMANS DID” Meanwhile, he pretends to take a ‘hard-line’ on the Jewish terrorist organization known as ‘Israel’ currently occupying Palestinian land. Yet at no point does he allow the real ethnic or territorial issues to filter through. Indeed the Jew has no land claim for it is plain to see that the Semitic Palestinian is of the same ethnicity as the Semitic Jew thus what is taking place is religious contention on the part of the Jew.

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