Greville Janner

AZL flag holder TransparentGreville Janner rapes European children 4Greville Ewan Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone (born 11th July 1928 died December 19th 2015) was a Jewish paedophile politician, barrister and writer best known for extorting money from European Governments to finance the ‘Holocaust’ construct. The son of Barnett Janner and Elsie Sybil, née Cohen Jewish parents born in Lithuania, fluent Yiddish speaker Janner was born in Cardiff, Wales of the kohanim line. A further indication of the Janner family’s loathing of Britain is that his father featured in General Walter Schellenberg’s ‘White Paper’ Janner's father “Black Book”of enemies of Europe. As founder of the ‘Holocaust Educational Trust’ a vehicle for corrupting European minds Janner has recently ensured that the Holocaust construct continues to form part of the National Curriculum throughout schools in Britain. “Over quarter of a century we have come an enormous way in our efforts to ensure that the Holocaust is understood and commemorated throughout this country. Since 1991, Who is Greville Janner?the Holocaust has been part of our National Curriculum in schools.” Janner faced prosecuted for 22 allegations of child rape that stretch back over 60 years after a review overturned a CPS decision rendering him too ill to stand trial. However, conveniently just prior to a special “trial of the facts”, where a jury hears the evidence against an individual considered too ill for a full trial he ‘died’. It is darkly ironic that this same perverted fiend is quoted in reference to innocent European soldiers being pursued to the grave in the name of the big lie.

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