Judah P. Benjamin

AZL flag holder TransparentJudah P. Benjamin, QC (August 11th, 1811 – May 6th, 1884) was a Homosexual Jewish lawyer and politician who was Confederate Secretary of State during the American Civil War and, following his escape to the United Kingdom, a barrister in England. Benjamin was born in London to Sephardic Jewish parents, who had moved to St. Croix in the Danish West Indies. Following a tradition adhered to by some Sephardi Jews, he was named for his paternal grandfather, who performed the circumcision ceremony. His family emigrated to the United States, eventually settling in Charleston, South Carolina. Benjamin attended Yale College where in 1861 a newspaper alleged that he had been caught as a thief. He left Yale without graduating and moved to New Orleans were he read law, passed the bar and became a specialist in commercial law heavily supporting international commerce and the Jewish supported slave trade. He was also a wealthy slave-owner and eloquent supporter of slavery. Benjamin’s troubled married life led to speculation that he was a homosexual. These conjectures were not given scholarly weight until 2001, when in an introduction to a reprinting of Meade’s biography of Benjamin, Civil War historian William C. Davis acknowledged “cloaked suggestions that he [Benjamin] was a homosexual“.  Benjamin was given refuge by alleged Jewish homosexual Benjamin Disraeli after he fled to Britain. Karl Marx had moved to London, England in 1849 so with Benjamin’s escape Marx, Disraeli and Benjamin all connected in the British capital. When President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, it was discovered that Benjamin had ties to the Surratt family, who were implicated in the conspiracy to kill president Lincoln after which the South was taken out of White hands. Also according to the book ‘Authentic History: Ku Klux Klan, 1865–1877’ the only officially authorized history of the original Ku Klux Klan written by the daughter of the founder of that organization in Alabama, the Klan (KKK) was financed from England by Judah P. Benjamin.

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