Leon Brittan

AZL flag holder TransparentLeon Brittan, Baron Brittan of Spennithorne QC, PC, DL (25th September 1939 – 21th January 2015), North London) was a Jewish politician, former Conservative Member of Parliament, barrister, former member of the European Commission, former Home Secretary of the United Kingdom and alleged homosexual paedophile. Brittan was born to Jewish parents born in Lithuania. In 1984, in his capacity as Home Secretary, Brittan was handed a 40-page dossier by Geoffrey Dickens MP that detailed paedophile activity surrounding the Westminster child rape network. The dossier subsequently went missing and its whereabouts is currently unknown, along with other files on organised child rape previously held by the Home Office. Brittan was accused of “multiple child rape” linked to the child rape case exposed by Dickens and clearly did not want this revealed.

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