Leon Trotsky

AZL flag holder TransparentTrotskyLeon Trotsky born Lev Davidovich Bronstein; (7 November 1879—21 August 1940), was a Jewish Communist mass murderer and Marxist ideologue. An international subversive and Bolshevik politician funded by Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg. Trotsky was the Leon Trotsky invented the word Racist preferred candidate for the international bankers. He is perhaps best known as the founder of the Red Army, as well as for his criminal role in the Holodomor genocides against Ukraine and Eastern Europe. In 1921 Trotsky the Jewish sadistmessengers representing starving European peasants asked Trotsky for help and he said “You are Starving? This is not famine yet, when your woman Leon Trotskystart eating their children then you may come and say we are starving”. In 1927 Trotsky invented the word “racism” in order to disable constructive debate and place the enemy on the defensive. He was aware that the Communist could not defend his actions therefore the situation in which he must cannot arise.

“The aim of the working class should be the creation of a ‘republican United States of Europe” – Leon Trotsky

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