Leslie Hore- Belisha

AZL flag holder rightLeslie Hore-Belisha, 1st Baron Hore-Belisha (7 September 1893 – 16 February 1957) was the Jewish Minister of War for the UK, 1937-1940, who agitated for war with Germany. The only son of the Jewish family of Jacob Isaac Belisha (birth not registered in England), it has been suggested that he changed his name from Horeb-Elisha to not appear Jewish. Nevertheless, the more elaborate double barrel assumed by apparently adopting his step father’s name conceals his Jewishness under a veil of English gentry. Appointed Minister of War by Chamberlain in 1937, Hore-Belisha became a perennial agitator for escalation of tensions and war with Germany. In 1938 he sought permission to introduce conscription but was rebuffed by Chamberlain, who would not agree to increase defence spending. Senior Conservatives believed that Hore-Belisha was working for Jewish interests rather than British. In fact he wanted Britain to wage war against Germany with the sole intention of destroying European identity and solidarity realised in National Socialism. Nevertheless, despite strong political and public opposition, in early 1939 Hore-Belisha was finally allowed to introduce conscription and upon taking control of the armed forces, he sacked three prominent members of the Imperial General Staff. Hore-Belisha’s changes infuriated the military establishment and this sentiment was passed down to the lower ranks and the public at large. In the early months of World War II, a popular song emerged to the tune of “Onward, Christian Soldiers”.
Onward Conscript Army,
You have naught to fear.
Isaac Hore-Belisha,
Will lead you from the rear.
Clad by Monty Burton,
Fed on Lyons pies;
Fight for Yiddish conquests
While the Briton dies.
Onward conscript army,
Marching on to war.
Fight and die for Jewry,
As we did before.
In January 1940 Hore-Belisha was dismissed from the War Office having been exposed as a warmonger who dragged Britain into WWII for purely Jewish reasons and did not have Britain’s interests at heart. Historians like Werner Jochmann have identified Hore-Belisha as one of the primary figures including Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden, and Robert Vansittart responsible for leading Britain to declare war on Germany on September 3rd, 1939.


“It has become patent that a combination of Britain, France and Russia will sooner or later bar the triumphant march (of Hitler) … Either by accident or design, a Jew has come to a position of foremost importance in each of these nations. In the hands of non-Aryans lies the fate and the very lives of millions … In France the Jew of prominence is Leon Blum … Leon Blum may yet be the Moses who will lead … Maxim Litvinoff, Soviet super salesman, is the Jew who sits at the right hand of Stalin, the little tin soldier of communism … The English Jew of prominence is Leslie Hore-Belisha, Tommy Atkins’ new boss.” – The American Hebrew…..June 3rd, 1938.

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