Matthew Gould

AZL flag holder TransparentMatthew Steven Gould CMG MBE (born 20th August 1971) is a Jewish diplomat who was Ambassador to Israel 2010–15. Gould is descended from Jews born in Poland who immigrated to the United Kingdom before World War II. His grandfather changed the family name from Goldkorn to Gould. After joining the British Foreign Office in 1993, Gould initially served as Assistant Desk Officer (NATO/Bosnia), Security Policy Department until 1994; and then as Second Secretary in Manila in charge of political affairs and press from 1994 to 1997. During this period, Gould coordinated and led a group of young Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) officials who promote the United Kingdom’s interests overseas… Suspiciously known as the Young Turks, the project led to the Foresight Report – a major internal review of how the FCO worked. Gould took up his post in Tel Aviv in September 2010, being the first Jew to serve as ambassador sent from Britain to the terrorist organisation calling itself ‘Israel’ and spoke of his pride in the position on a number of occasions. By October 2010 he had officially launched the UK-Israel Technologies Hub tasked with forging a tech partnership between the two countries specifically in areas of identity management, regulating cyber security, cryptography and bio-medical data. The NHS has now formed strong collaborations with Israeli life sciences companies conducting clinical trials in the UK. A year later in 2011, Gould and wife Celia launched a charity front in the UK under the fiction of ‘Holocaust survivors in Israel’. To date this scheme has syphoned over £1million out of Britain into terrorist Israel. Gould is now director of cyber security and information assurance at the Cabinet Office as confirmed by Jewish ‘Lord’ Mendelsohn who welcomed the appointment in 2015 of the former ambassador from Britain to Israel who stated he ‘will have a key role in cyber security inside the Cabinet Office’ and further consolidating Jewish Israel’s hold on British security.

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