Nathan Laski

AZL flag holder TransparentNathan Laski (1863–1941) was a Jewish cotton merchant and a leader of the British Liberal Party who was prominent in the destruction of the Lancashire cotton trade post WWI through endorsing cheap imports from India and Japan. Indeed the Lancashire cotton industry had done well during the years 1916 to 1922, but not nearly well enough to warrant the bizarre transactions that took place. International financiers wandered round Lancashire, actually going from house to house, urging the poor to sell the pictures off their walls in order to buy cotton shares. This evil advice was taken. The banks, in particular Williams Deacons, advanced as much money as was asked for by those who had security to offer: and 90% of the title deeds of real solid property in the county passed into the vaults of the banks, where they remain today, so that if Lancashire ever did recover, the Jewish bankers would take the profits for generations to come. Meanwhile capital was shamelessly watered: and all the time, England’s great engineering firms were equipping India and Japan with cotton-spinning plants which, with the advantage of cheap foreign labour, were bound to bring the mighty looms of Lancashire to a standstill. The more astute leaders of the cotton industry in Lancashire knew what was happening: and they also knew to a day when the crash would come. It was useless to talk about tariffs, because Jewish cotton merchants where much too interested in exploiting this cheap foreign labour to let Parliament pass protective legislation. It is also critical to note that Laski’s son Harold a Marxist theorist was expertly placed to tutor Ralph Miliband.

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