Peter Mandelson

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Peter MandelsonPeter Benjamin Mandelson (born 21 October 1953) or ‘Baron’ Mandelson of Foy PC, following the life peerage bestowed upon him by Gordon Brown, is a Jewish politician whose father was the advertising manager at The Jewish Chronicle. His private life is subject to several D-Notices no doubt due to his rampant homosexual and preference for Brazilian ‘natives’. He has strong Is new Labour a Rothschild invention?connections with the Rothschild’s and rents his house from Nat Rothschild who lives on the adjoining Stowell estate, which arguably explains his rebranding of the British Labour Party The Mandelson Gollumas “New Labour” completing the denigration of its traditional British working class voters in favor of foreign immigrants and self- proclaimed ‘victim’ groups. In keeping with this Mandelson sells passports to the highest bidder. Incredibly Mandelson is Chief Trustee of the NSPCC and has worryingly put his ‘people’ in key positions, including Peter Watt at the Mandelson and boyfriendNSPCC and Justin Forsyth head of Save the Children.
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