Zac Goldsmith

AZL flag holder TransparentFrank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith (born 20th January 1975) is a Jewish Conservative politician and journalist who, since 2010, has represented Richmond Park as its Member of Parliament (MP) and has been selected as the Conservative candidate for the 2016 London Mayoral election. Goldsmith, born at Westminster Hospital in London, is the middle child of Sir James Goldsmith, a member of the prominent Goldsmith family of Jewish descent. Goldsmith’s grandfathers were both Conservative Members of Parliament: his paternal grandfather, Frank Goldsmith was a Conservative MP. He has travelled throughout the world with the International Honours Programme (courtesy of his uncle Edward Goldsmith) working at first for the think tank Redefining Progress. In 1997, Goldsmith was appointed Reviews Editor of The Ecologist by his uncle Edward Goldsmith, the magazine’s founding editor, owner and publisher and in 1998 became Editor-in-Chief and Director. His focus is to nurture the perception that the ‘White West’ is responsible for ‘ecological’ problems constructed or amplified by international Marxism. Consequently, in 2005 he was appointed Deputy Chairman of a political correct ‘climate change’ construct concealed behind the banner ‘Conservative ‘Quality of Life’ Policy’. The purpose of this group was to produce a report subjecting British industries to a tax for Marxist constructs like ‘carbon emissions’ and ‘climate change’. On 14th March 2013, Goldsmith married secondly banking heiress Alice Miranda Rothschild at London Wetland Centre in his constituency.

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