AZL flag holder TransparentSwastika, Fylfot, or Hakenkreuz, is an equilateral cross with its arms bent or curved either left or right. A sun wheel the ancient Aryan symbol represents the expansion or extraction of light. The symbol has its origins in Europe, the earliest known object with The oldest Swastikaswastika-motifs is a bird made from the tusk of a mammoth from the Palaeolithic settlement of Mezine, in Ukraine. On the torso of the bird is engraved an intricate meander pattern of joined up swastikas. It is the oldest identified swastika pattern in the world and has been radio carbon-dated to an astonishing 15 thousand  years ago. In antiquity, the swastika was used extensively by pre-Christian European cultures such as the Indo-Aryans, Hittites, Celts and Greeks, among others appearing regularly on their artefacts. For example, the gammadion, or rather the tetra-gammadion, is a form of swastika. The name gammadion comes from the fact that it can be seen as being made up of four Greek gamma (Γ) letters. Ancient Greek priestesses would tattoo the symbol, along with the triskelion and tetraskelion, a figure consisting of three or four stylized human arms or legs (or bent lines) radiating from a centre on their bodies. The gammadion was used to symbolize the four cardinal corners of the world and the guardianship of this world. Like the Aryan language tree this symbol can be used to chart the movement of Aryan tribes across the global landscape and consequently the development of civilization.

Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann discovered the symbol in the site of ancient Troy in the late 19th century and connected it to the ancient migrations of Proto-Indo-Europeans. He associated it with similar shapes found on ancient pots in Germany, linking Germanic, Greek and Persian cultures and theorized that the swastika was a “significant religious symbol of our remote [European] ancestors”. Thus by the early 20th century Europeans worldwide regarded it as a symbol of good luck and success. The Awakening has BegunWas it by chance then that the first lands in Europe to be violently occupied by Jewish insertion-Russia and the Ukraine-gave birth to our Aryan civilization? Indeed one must recall that the earliest known object with swastika-motifs is a bird made from the tusk of a mammoth from the Palaeolithic settlement of Mezine in Ukraine. Consequently, the image was used by National Socialism because it was a symbol of ‘Aryan’ or European ethnic identity and cultural heritage. Yet in the years 1920-21 Jewish Bolshevism instigated the first of the Holodomor genocides annihilating European folk and concealing it under the ‘Holocaust’ construct following the Jewish victory over Europe in 1945. The result is that Jewish propaganda has so demonised this ancient European design that it has been rendered a symbol of disgust rather than European racial unity.

It is also noteworthy in this vein that on 16th July 2005 Pravda reported a startling discovery in the town of Arkaim situated on the outskirts of the city of Chelyabinsk south of Ural Russia. Purportedly discovered in 1987 just like the Celtic graves in China the ruin of an ancient and very advanced civilization of Indo-Aryan origin was revealed. Whilst many White Russians are waking up to Jewish Bolshevik lies and every year at the summer solstice gather at this site to rediscover their heritage, it is not hard to believe that this dig has been subjected to Cultural Marxist interpretation just like all other recent and past archeologically discoveries. In fact just recently Putin preached unifying the Russian people though a common history and it is ironic and somewhat politically embarrassing to think that the symbol Russians have been conditioned to hate most -the Swastika equally a motif of Aryan or European unity serves that purpose. This indicates not a desire to unify a people under their hereditary birth right but to construct or reconstruct a monopoly on reality. In the BBC broadcasts below we have ventured to edit out all the anti-European Jewish propaganda so you get to understand the full impact of these discoveries.

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