Beth din

AZL flag holder TransparentWhile purported to be merely a religious court of Judaism the Beth din being a rabbinical court is much more sinister than it sounds. Politically motivated and educated as regulator and judge a Rabbi is the figure who networks and leads Jewish communities globally. Thus the court or Beth din can be arranged in any city were a Jewish Rabbi can pass sentence. This has led to multiple cases of gentile murder across the globe and occurs despite national law. Indeed Benjamin Netanyahu has blatantly declared the Jewish international right to lord it over the gentile when he took an oath to punish Syrian individuals for attacking an ISIS faction saying that no one will be allowed to take [international] law in their hands and any disturbance in the mission of Israeli soldiers will not be tolerated. This only proves that the Jew does not recognise Gentile sovereign/national land but has the chutzpah to believe that it rules the globe.

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