AZL flag holder TransparentWorshiping HatePurim is the Jewish tribe’s celebration of the Jewish genocide of 75,000 ethnic Europeans in Persia and their assassination of a Persian politician, Haman. During the 4th century BC Haman was Prime Minister of the Persian Empire. Mordechai, the leader of the Jewish tribe defied the king’s orders and refused to follow Haman. Haman was naturally angry and the King issued a decree ordering the expulsion of all Jews from Persia. At this Mordechai The Purim Celebration of Hatemobilised the Jewish tribe into a terrorist mob that began a murderous rampage resulting in 75,000 Persian deaths. Meanwhile, having deliberately concealed her Jewish identity Esther (Mordechai’s cousin) had become King Ahasuerus wife following the contrived death of his Queen. She arranged for the king and Haman to join her at a meeting at which she revealed her Jewish identity forcing the King into a Purim II Promoting Genocidecompromise to stop Jewish violence against his people. Haman was hung and Mordechai appointed Prime Minister in his stead. A new decree was issued—granting Jews the right to defend themselves against their ‘enemies’ children-in-israel-false-flag-911-wtc-twin-towersestablishing just how far back Jewish manipulation of ethic European monarchy reaches. On the anniversary of the massacre and assassination of Haman Jews celebrated in fancy dress and producing and eating triangular-shaped pastries meant to represent Haman’s ears! (Hamentaschen). Also consumed are ‘Kreplach’ dough pockets filled with ground beef symbolizing the beaten flesh of Haman. Purim is celebrated on the 15th of the month of Adar in the Jewish calendar, which is in February or March in the Gregorian calendar.

At a town called Inmester in Syria, a Jewish celebration of Purim turned into an ugly anti-Christian rally. It was the practice to burn or hang an effigy of Haman, an enemy of the Jews, on Purim, yet the Jews at Inmester abducted instead a Christian boy, bound him to a cross, and flogged him to death. The Roman world was stunned by the crime. Emperor Theodosius II (402-450) responded by excluding Jews from certain government positions and forbidding the construction of new synagogues. In the Theodosian Code, strict regulations were placed on the celebration of Purim. Christians were also instructed not to have intimate or personal intercourse with Jews, which might lead to intermarriage. This law mirrored similar Jewish restrictions against fraternization with non-Jews. Nevertheless, the code did uphold the rights and citizenship of all Jews and protected existing synagogues.

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