Religious Scriptures

AZL flag holder TransparentThis section covers the Jew in the field of religious scripture. While the first religion in Europe was pagan conversion to Christianity took place early so the primary scripture in the West is the Bible comprising the Old and New Testaments. It is critical to note that, while both materials speak of religious experience, a distinction is made between that which was religious scripture and myth. One is said to be ‘God given’, holy and consigned some kind of credibility and the other relegated to the plane of ‘fairy-tale’. Yet both speak of ‘gods’, ‘giants’ and greatly aged men the only difference appears in the origin. Relegated to myth is European and only credible religious scripture is Semitic makes the parasite ‘chosen’ in a host land. Furthering embedding himself the Jew has manipulated text in the Scofield Bible to endorse his ‘chosen’ status.

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