AZL flag holder TransparentAtheism is a label invented by the theist or believer in God to imply one who denies the existence of God. Thus to label oneself an ‘atheist’ presupposes on some level that a ‘God’ must exist for one to deny it is the believer that labels the none-believer a ‘denier’ to ensure his worldview. The invention of labels by the opposition is a psychological tool to hinder or crush debate, and is used to great effect in Jewish Marxism. Denial of that which evedently does not exist only secures the opposition’s overarching paradigm-‘Holocaust’ and ‘racism’ are prime examples. On a more practical level the term is used to indicate the radical purge of religiosity from Communism, heralded with mass murders of clergy, and the dramatic switch to materialismIronically the argument supporting secularism often quotes religion as a prime source of conflict yet more people have been murdered in a shorter space of time by those that define themselves as Atheists than by those of any religion.

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