Alexander Rado

Alexander Radó (5th November 1899 – 20th August 1981), also Alex, Alexander Radolfi or Sándor Kálmán Reich, was a Jewish Bolshevik agent, head of the spy ring the Red Three and deeply involved the Red Orchestra; aka the Red Chapel. Radó was born into a Jewish family in Újpest, at the time an industrial suburb of Budapest. In December 1918 Radó joined the Hungarian Communist Party and following the Communist seizure of Hungary in March 1919 he joined a division of the Hungarian Red Army as a cartographer. Rado escaped to Austria after the fall of the Communist regime in Hungary broadcasting propaganda received from Bolshevik Russia by July 1920. In 1922 Radó moved to Germany taking part in the preparation for Comintern-planned large armed uprising in Germany in October, 1923 counteracted by the Nationalist resolve of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP in November of that same year. From 1935-1944 Rado was deeply involved with the Red Orchestra, also known as the Red Chapel, a Bolshevik espionage and spy network between the Soviet Union and Western Europe set up by the Jew Leopold Trepper. In 1971, he published his memoirs in Hungarian. They were translated into several languages though a first uncensored edition, based on the original manuscript, was only published in 2006, in Budapest. He died in Budapest in 1981.

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