Aviem Sella

Aviem Sella (born January 7th, 1946) is a Jewish former colonel in the Israeli Air Force indited in absentia by the US for espionage. Sella (originally Slibiosiky), was born in Haifa during the period of violent Jewish terrorism (1920-1948) prior to the Jewish seizure and occupation of Palestine. His education was grounded in Zionism and he began working for the Jewish terrorist organisation known as ‘Israel’ joining the Israeli Defence Force in 1963. Up to the early 1980’s Sella terrorised the Middle East as a pilot for Jewish occupied Palestine then in 1982, under the guise of an ‘education hiatus’ he was sent to the United States to recruit Jew Jonathon Pollard, working in the US as an intelligence analyst, to spy for ‘Israel’. What followed Pollard’s arrest and indictment is a political farce conceived for public consumption. Initially told that Sella’s role was unknown when uncovered Israel refused to extradite him for questioning. Thus in March 1987 a Federal grand jury indicted Sella in absentia on three counts of espionage. Meanwhile, he was promoted to a prominent position in the Israeli air force in order to give the Jewish occupied US ‘justification’ to threaten a cut in aid to Israel. The performance is played out in front of the public to dupe them into believing that their government is independent and not an international porn of the Jew. Naturally, the outcome was that Sella resigned to ‘defuse US-Israel tensions’ and with his specific skill set (intelligence gathering) later became director of strategic consulting at Israel’s global information technology company curiously called Matrix. The dialectic is transparent when one knows the international Jew is at the helm.

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