Elisabeth Schumacher

Elisabeth Schumacher (nee Hohenemser; April 28, 1904 – December 22, 1942) was a Jewish spy and member of the Red Orchestra (also Red Chapel). Schumacher was born to a wealthy family of Jewish heritage in Darmstadt. Her father, Fritz Hohenemser, came from Jewish banking families in Frankfurt am Main. Schumacher joined the Red Orchestra not long after it was formed initially involved in Communist agitation and later printing seditious material against the National Socialist state. She was also intimately involved in spying for the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union passing information by wireless. By 1942 many members of the Red Orchestra had been arrested including Schumacher on 12th September at her flat. She was sentenced to death on 19th December for espionage and executed on 22nd December 1942.

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