Jacob Golos

AZL flag holder TransparentJacob Golos, (born Yakov Naumovich Reizen, 1889–1943), was a Jewish Bolshevik terrorist who became a spy on behalf of the Bolshevik Regime in the United States. A founding member of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), around 1930 Golos became involved in the covert work of Bolshevik secret policing agencies, including the procurement of American passports by means of fraudulent documentation and the recruitment and coordination of the activities of a broad network of agents. Yakov Naumovich Reizen was born April 24th, 1889, in Ekaterinoslav, Russian Empire, now Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine, to a Jewish family. A terrorist from a young age, Reizen joined the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) in 1904, becoming active in the group’s Bolshevik wing headed by V.I. Lenin. Reizen was a participant in the attempted seizure of Russia in 1905 and organized a subversive printing press in 1906 for which he was arrested and convicted in the last days of that year.  A sentence of eight years of hard labour was commuted to lifetime exile to Yakutia in northern Siberia by the civilised government of Tsar Nikolai II. Reizen escaped by fleeing to the east, traveling to America by way of China and then through Japan at some point adopting the surname “Golos.” By 1912, Golos had found his way to New York City, where he helped to raise funds for the release of Jewish subversive terrorist imprisoned for the security of Tsarist Russia. Golos was active in the Russian Socialist Federation a movement whose sole purpose was the promotion of Bolshevism by any means necessary. Towards the end of August 1919 Golos was elected to the Central Executive Committee of the Russian Federation by the organization’s 5th Convention, held in Detroit. Immediately after the close of the Detroit gathering, Golos travelled to Chicago to attend another convention which established the Communist Party of America, forerunner of the Communist Party, USA. Golos was also intimately connected with the United States organisation of a Communist Party-sponsored travel agency called World Tourists, Inc established in the year 1927.  Appearing as an innocent economic venture the firm instigated farcical propaganda tours to Bolshevik controlled Europe coordinated to omit the truth and served as a mechanism for facilitating the transit of party officials and Bolshevik agents back and forth between the Bolshevik Regime and the USA under falsified documentation. Throughout the 1930s Golos sat as a member of the CPUSA’s Central Control Commission, a body in charge of party discipline, background investigations, and audits. This position placed Golos in an enviable position to assist in the recruitment and verification of potential agents on behalf of Bolshevik intelligence. As head of World Tourists, Golos visited the Bolshevik Regime every year from 1932 onwards to attend the celebrations of the Bolshevik seizure of Russia in 1917. In early 1942, Golos, through the CPUSA, was the contact between the Rosenberg Spy Ring, a Communist cell of engineers headed by Julius Rosenberg, and Bolshevik operatives in New York. By September the Jew Semyon Semyonov, working directly for Moscow had the Rosenberg ring transferred to him.

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