Jewish Bolshevik Spy Network

A particular aspect of the Jewish agenda is its desire to fracture, fragment, and atomise that which has cohesion; make seem random and chaotic all lines of enquiry, divide movements and alienate people. The method is used to distract and confuse the public none more so when used to conceal a massive Jewish Bolshevik Spy Network. It is used thus; a Soviet spy is arrested exposing a ring of spies an example being the Cambridge ring. The public are lead to believe that the police have made a huge impact by shattering an isolated Bolshevik movement. However, Donald Maclean of the Cambridge Spy ring had contact with the Jew Kitty Harris, a courier for the atomic spies involved with the Manhattan Project, following him to Paris in 1938 as liaison. J. Robert Oppenheimer was the Jewish director of the Manhattan Project and in 1943, the Moscow Center of KGB activities in North America, decided all contacts with him would be through their so called ‘illegal’ spy network. Lev Vasilevsky was in charge of running the so called ‘illegal resident’ spy network and Bruno Pontecorvo, a known communist and soviet sympathiser, was the conduit supplying atomic secrets. David Greenglass was also an atomic spy connected to the Manhattan Project providing testimony that helped convict his sister and brother-in-law Ethel and Julius Rosenberg (Rosenberg Ring), who were executed for their spying activity. Lona Cohen, married to Morris had been courier to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The Cohen’s were quickly spirited to Mexico then to Moscow before their cover was blown later to resurface in the United Kingdom using the identities of Peter and Helen Kroger heading the Portland Spy Ring. Lona was also part of a ring of atomic spies linked to the Manhattan Project that was far more damaging than the well-known Rosenberg ring. The Press deliberately focuses on what on the surface appears to be small groups so the incidents look isolated when what the public are really are seeing is a tiny fragment of a massive Jewish Bolshevik network.

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