Cambridge Spies

AZL flag holder TransparentThe Cambridge five spy ring refers to the Jewish Bolshevik’s espionage agencies infiltration of the UK’s government, military and education establishments from the 1930s by using, among other things, close-knit left-wing homosexual circles at Oxbridge, especially the Cambridge Apostles. Kim Philby started at Trinity in October 1929, Guy Burgess in October 1930, and Donald Maclean a later contact of Jewish atomic courier Kitty Harris at Trinity Hall in 1931. Anthony Blunt was elected to a Trinity fellowship in 1932. Burgess and Blunt have been confirmed as homosexuals, while Philby’s first wife was the Jewish Communist Litzi Friedmann. Mainstream sources accept the fact that Philby and Burgess were recruited for the KGB in 1934 by a Jew Arnold Deutsch (Code name Otto). Blunt was also recruited by the NKVD around 1933-4 at least a year following his election to a Trinity fellowship. The 5th man was considered to be Victor Rothschild also at Trinity, recruited Blunt into MI5 and “made sure Russia’s scientists had the basics of every secret project from biological warfare to radar and the various types of potential nuclear bomb.” While this information is supported by ex-KGB Colonel ‘F’ and KGB officer Yuri Modin both who confirmed Victor Rothschild was the key to most of the Cambridge ring’s penetration of British Intelligence the utmost has been done to disregard this as a hoax.

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