Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Julius Rosenberg (May 12, 1918 – June 19, 1953) and Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg (September 25, 1915 – June 19, 1953) were Communist Jews who headed a spy ring in the United States. The Jew Lona Cohen had been their courier and her and husband Morris were quickly spirited to Mexico then to Moscow before cover was blown. Julius Rosenberg was born to a family of Jewish itinerants in New York City. Julius became a leader in the Young Communist League where, in 1936, he met Ethel, whom he married three years later. Ethel Greenglass, sister of David Greenglass, was born in Manhattan, New York City, also to a Jewish family. She became involved in labour disputes and joined the Young Communist League, USA, where she met Julius. Rosenberg joined the Army Signal Corps Engineering Laboratories at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, in 1940, where he worked as an engineer-inspector until 1945. Important research on electronics, communications, radar and guided missile controls was undertaken at Fort Monmouth during World War II and while Jacob Golos, through the CPUSA, was initially the contact between the Rosenberg Spy ring and Bolshevik operatives in New York it is known that Rosenberg was officially recruited by the KGB on Labour Day 1942, by retired Jewish NKVD spymaster Semyon Semenov. Among the Rosenberg spy ring was David Greenglass, an atomic spy working on the Manhattan Project and his sister Ruth who offered her apartment as a safe house. Julius Rosenberg was relieved of his duties by the NKVD after government officials had discovered his membership in the Communist Party and fired him from the United States Signal Corps. Greenglass provided testimony that helped convict his sister and brother-in-law Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

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