Jurgen Kuczynski

Jürgen Kuczynski (17th September 1904, – 6th August 1997) was a Jewish Communist economist and Bolshevik spy. Born in Elberfeld (Wuppertal), Germany, Kuczynski was the eldest of the six children born into a Jewish family. Jürgen’s sister Ursula later became a Bolshevik spy working for the Soviet Union. As an adolescent Kuczynski met numerous subversive political activists, including the communist leader Rosa Luxemburg. He joined the Communist Party in 1930 and contributed to the party newspaper Die Rote Fahne from 1930-33. From 1933-1936 Kuczynski was involved in Communist subversive activity against the National Socialist Government of Germany. He also travelled to Moscow in 1935 finally emigrating to Britain in January 1936 on instructions received there. While in Britain Kuczynski wrote for the Labour Monthly a magazine of the Moscow-oriented British Communist Party, was in contact with the Communist Party of Germany now based in Paris and gained access to homosexual tool of the Jews Winston Churchill. Following the outbreak of WWII Kuczynski made contact with Klaus Fuchs introducing him to his sister, who at the time was working for the Soviets under the code name “Sonya”. Sonya became Fuchs’s commanding officer within the Soviet intelligence hierarchy and the information he passed to the Soviet military via Jürgen’s sister “Sonya”/Ursula is thought to have accelerated by several years the Soviets‘ development of atomic weaponry in their military arsenal. In mid-1944 Kuczynski was principally involved in choosing Communist to parachute into Germany for surveillance work for US intelligence and later that year was given the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the US Army. Thus at the end of WWII Kuczynski returned to Germany to use his token senior US rank to advance the Jewish invention of ‘War Crimes’.

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