Lev Vasilevsky

Lev Vasilevsky (1904-1979), also known as Leonid A. Tarasov, was the KGB spy in Mexico City during much of the period of the Manhattan Project, the Jewish scheme to develop the first atomic bomb. Operating from Mexico City, Vasilevsky was in charge of running the so called ‘illegal resident’ spy network. J. Robert Oppenheimer was the Jewish director of the Manhattan Project and in 1943, the Moscow Center of KGB intelligence activities in North America, decided all contacts with him would be through their so called ‘illegal’ spy network. It was early that year that Kitty Harris went to Mexico City to be a courier for Vasilevsky. She was further detailed by Vasilevsky to the Santa Fe drugstore safe house where she coordinated the front’s clandestine activities. Bruno Pontecorvo, a known communist and soviet sympathiser, was the conduit supplying the atomic secrets.

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